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Completed Activities yet keep losing streak

I religiously do my two duolingo activities everyday to reach my daily goal (20 points), but for 3 days in a row now, even though it says I have reached my goal and awarded me lingots for doing so, then the next day I go back on to see that I have apparently lost my streak.

Yesterday for example I did around 5 lessons, and then am being told today that I had done zero yesterday? It is getting really frustrating as I keep needing to redo the same lessons!

September 9, 2017



Sorry you lost your streak, Hayley.

Here's my standard advice on keeping a streak:

You need to make sure your XP is registered each day, if you want to ensure that your streak continues. Completing a lesson each day is not sufficient because you may have had connectivity issues with the Duolingo servers, or you may have closed the app or web page before the XP could register.

To double-check that my XP was registered, I refresh the Duolingo web site after using it or the app. The two things I check are that the flame icon has the check mark on it and my streak number has increased as expected.

If you tell me what time zone you're in, I can run a report on your public extended profile which shows you which days your goal wasn't met on the Duolingo servers.


Hi, each time I had confirmed these and they were all there which is the frustrating part.

I am in AEST time zone (ie it's currently 12.11pm)


Here's the report which shows the servers don't have enough XP recorded last Saturday and none last Thursday.

Your streak is currently 1 and should go to 2 when you complete today's 20 XP.

As you can see, I've got a long streak. I also look after the Streak Hall of Fame (see my profile). You need to refresh the web page, not rely on the app. That has worked for almost four years for me and many others in the SHoF.

Extended profile information for Hayley372674 extracted from:


Current streak: 1
Last streak: 4
Days ago: 3
Streak Freeze: Not currently equipped
Daily goal: 20
Account created: ~2 months ago
Streak Repair available (Android/iOS only): True
Lingots: 104

XP registered for each session in the last 7 days of practice: (GMT+10)
10 at Fri Sep 01 13:34:15
10 at Fri Sep 01 13:53:49
10 at Fri Sep 01 13:58:36
10 at Sat Sep 02 11:21:29
10 at Sun Sep 03 12:06:14
10 at Sun Sep 03 12:08:39
10 at Sun Sep 03 12:11:20
10 at Sun Sep 03 12:14:30
10 at Sun Sep 03 12:18:04
10 at Sun Sep 03 12:20:36
10 at Mon Sep 04 09:19:20
10 at Mon Sep 04 09:22:04
10 at Tue Sep 05 13:00:14
10 at Tue Sep 05 13:04:24
10 at Tue Sep 05 13:07:36
20 at Tue Sep 05 13:13:56
10 at Tue Sep 05 13:19:49
10 at Tue Sep 05 13:23:01
10 at Wed Sep 06 11:14:55
10 at Wed Sep 06 11:16:39
10 at Wed Sep 06 11:19:18
10 at Wed Sep 06 11:22:17
10 at Fri Sep 08 11:33:26
10 at Fri Sep 08 11:35:51
10 at Fri Sep 08 11:40:44
10 at Fri Sep 08 11:44:17
10 at Fri Sep 08 11:46:36
10 at Fri Sep 08 11:48:25
10 at Fri Sep 08 11:53:17
10 at Fri Sep 08 13:49:27

Report created: 2017-09-09 13:13:19

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