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  5. "가을에는 과일이 풍부해요."

"가을에는 과일이 풍부해요."

Translation:Fruits are plentiful in fall.

September 9, 2017



Is it wrong to say "There are plenty of fruits in the fall"?


no that's fine too


dude change your username, how are you learning like 38 languages and keeping your streak up? i suggest ProductiveEinstein


here it is again, on a different question it only accepted THE fall, now it only wants fall


Those articles in this section keep driving me nuts. Of course it is hard to translate a basically article-free language into one which requires their use, but it is a frustrating piece of lottery here... Please, please, please allow for both +/- article (concerns def. as well as indef.) where the meaning in Korean allows for it. So here it might read

(The) fruit(s) is/are plentiful in (the) autumn/fall

plus literally dozens of synonyms for "being plentiful" -- I would estimate the set of correct variant sentences amounting to hundreds. Sounds like a lot of work.

[deactivated user]

    "there's a lot of fruit in the autumn" ? people in britain don't generally say "plentiful" unless they're trying to sound like they're from the middle ages


    "fruit" is a general plural noun, in addition to "fruits". In addition, "과일" is not necessarily plural based on the context of this sentence.


    Did I hear 풍부요?


    yea, for some reason '해' sounds relly faint in this example...


    what about "in fall fruits are plentiful"?


    I wrote "In the fall there is plenty of fruit" which wasn't accepted


    Plentiful fruits in the fall should had been added.

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