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"Read a newspaper"

Translation:Someni gazeti

September 9, 2017



Is it a matter of imperative form ? In this case it should be indicated in some way.


Well, assuming the English text is a full sentence (which is not always the case here), it should be. Just a verb with no subject is generally imperative in English.

What's frustrating is that this is the plural imperative form and throughout this course, we're supposed to just guess. It should accept both ...

Soma gazeti (to one person) Someni gazeti (to plural peope)


Yes, I was doing this repeating very quickly and I didn't look what is the main thema. :) English it isn't my first language and I don't react automaticaly at the text. And this story about singular - plural...Haaa, haa, I am out of patience =D

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