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Free Korean Learning Resources Thread

녕안 ^u^

Since you all know you can't just simply learn Korean with just Duolingo, especially if you're taking learning Korean seriously.

I've decided to make this thread so people can share their favorite resources !


How To Study Korean

Talk To Me in Korean

Textbook PDFS

Korean From Zero

Korean Language Course Book

September 9, 2017



If somebody wants to support the authors of these books:

The original source of the Korean From Zero book is here - http://www.koreanfromzero.com/

The first book is available for free there. If you think about buying the books: the main author of the books announced on his Japanese From Zero Youtube Channel that there will be revised editions of the three Korean books until end of the year. He will also start a video series on these books like he did for the Japanese From Zero books on the Korean From Zero Channel.

and the other book is from here - http://gobillykorean.com/

actually not for free? (so if you want to use the book and you are not completely bankrupt ... at least think about it - the kindle edition of the first book is less then 10$ when you buy it on amazon).

I am not affiliated with the authors of these books, I just want that their work is appreciated.


Thank you for posting this! I didn't know that some of these aren't even free. I'll change the post ^^

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