"mladá Žofie"

Translation:young Žofie

September 9, 2017

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My name is Sheila: In Czech, is my name "Zeila" pronounced ch/j/je-eila?


I have no idea what sounds do your ch/j/je represent nor whether your name is Sheila or Zeila. Note that names are not normally translated and that you should read the Tips and notes, or any other resource, about Czech pronunciation.


I have loaded a Czech keyboard in Windows 10. The letters with diacritics are on the top row, where the numbers are. But these are all lower-case, and there seems to be no way to make upper-case letters. For example, to write "Žofie" I had to cut and paste the capital Z with the diacritic, though for lower-case z with diacritic I simply type ž. Does anyone know how to type Ž with a Czech keyboard?


Is that the Czech version of Sophie? :-)


It's not wrong Žofie in Czech is Sofia in English...


Do not translate names at Duolingo. Ever. BTW, Sofie is closer to Sofia, closer than Žofie.


When would you replace a name with it?

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