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How long does it take to get replies about being a contributor?

I submitted the application about being a contributor (Japanese for English speaker) a while ago, but I'm wondering how long it takes to get any replies? Anyone knows?

September 9, 2017



Anywhere from several months to several years or even never.

[deactivated user]

    It can take years.


    I'm wondering about this too. It's been exactly 44 days since I applied for the English>Tagalog course, and I haven't received any replies just yet.


    As I understand it, you get a reply from Duolingo only when (and if) Duolingo decides to create the particular course in question and only if Duolingo picks you as one of the two original course contributors. (Those two course contributors then pick the remaining members of the team.)


    And only if you get picked by the two course contributors of the team. The creation of the Japanese course has already started, as I am sure you know.


    I applied over a year ago and I am still waiting for any sort of response.


    For what language?


    It could take months, or it could take years, there and I hate to say this, but to be honest, years are more likely.


    Did you apply for moderating? I doubt they are accepting more moderators, as they already have three.

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