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"The monkey is eating sandwiches."

Translation:Le singe mange des sandwichs.

September 9, 2017



Why does are "sandwichs" and "sandwiches" both possible? Can it be either m or f?


des is the plural of un/une. So ...

Le singe mange un sandwich / Le singe mange des sandwichs

[deactivated user]

    English does not have a plural indefinite article, but French does. So it’s: un, une, des, as Ripcurlgirl explained.


    Why des and not du ? Im confused

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    "Des" is the plural of "un/une". "Du" and "de la" are partitive articles used when referring to undetermined amounts of something.

    • le sandwich = the sandwich
    • un sandwich = a sandwich
    • des sandwichs = sandwiches
    • le pain = the bread
    • du pain = bread (an undetermined amount)
    • la pomme = the apple
    • une pomme = an apple
    • de la pomme = (some) apple (i.e., an undetermined amount)


    Why should I add "des" before sandwichs?

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    Because it is plural, but an undetermined number of them. "Des" is the plural of "un" or "une".


    Did the monkey make the sandwiches himself? If he did, he's smarter than me already XD


    Is it me, or does anyone else laugh aloud at how she raises her voice to almost a squeak when she says "singe"?!!!

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