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  5. "침대는 음식입니다."

"침대는 음식입니다."

Translation:A bed is food.

September 9, 2017

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No duolingo, it's still not food no matter what language you say it in


Early to bread, early to rise?

[deactivated user]

    The early bird gets the sandwich!


    Nonono Early to bread early to rice.


    Nonono Early to bread early to rye


    The painter Salvador Dali ordered furniture made of bread dough, including a four-poster bed. I did not find ani picture of this bed but this video shows the construction of a cupboard in massive bread http://www.ina.fr/video/CAF97001309


    It doesn't matter if it's actually food,it's a dumb sentence, but by it being a dumb sentence it makes it something that's hard to forget. Dumb and ridiculous sentences are good to learn with because they get stuck in your headas long as you remember the proper usage you can fill in the blanks with whatever words you want. If you learn, "the man drinks juice from a glass" it's pretty common so you might forget it, but if you learn, "the man drinks Kool-Aid from a sock", you probably won't forget it.


    "음식입니다" How come there is no separation? "침대는 음식 입니다" be correct? ( Sorry don't have korean keyboard so it was copied/ pasted)


    I think there's a french saying that goes along the lines of it doesn't make much of a difference whether you go to bed or eat, meaning you'll forget that you're hungry when you go to sleep, maybe it's like that.

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