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  5. "Non è un gatto nero."

"Non è un gatto nero."

Translation:It is not a black cat.

March 11, 2013



Fascist is listed as a translation for nero. Would that mean that "It is not a fascist cat" is an acceptable translation?


I hate to tell you, but all cats are fascist.


Lol of course it is.


I typed "the cat is not black" and it wasn't accepted. Was that not one of the answers?


Because the sentences are different. The sentence wants you to use the "a" determiner, not the "the" determiner. A small difference, but with Italki you need to be very exact most of the time. In reality however, talk how you want to convey an idea. Duolingo is free for a reason! But also it would be laborious to write so many translations for one single sentence...


Ma - volevo un gatto nero!!!


Mi hai dato un gatto bianco!


Ed io non ci sto più!


in the audio the lady puts an accent on the first vowl 'gAto'. Is that right? Apart from that, the voice so exaggerated and theatrical in pronunciation, that she distracts from the normal sound in every-day Italian. Irksome...


It is heard as non e un gatto


It seems like you should be able to pick up on a typo like 'no' instead of 'non', and it's infuriating to be stuck on basic lessons I've moved well beyond everywhere because your ❤❤❤❤❤❤ typo detection means I need to take these stupid placement tests over and over. Not a problem of this sentence or the italian course so much as a general deficiency throughout the entire app.

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