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  5. "우리는 개를 좋아합니다."

"우리는 개를 좋아합니다."

Translation:We like dogs.

September 9, 2017



There is not a specific particle for plural in Korea.. So here "kaerul" can be both "dog" or"dogs"..it just depends on the context..


What about the 들 particle?


들 is not really used. I've seen it used in plenty of language learning programs but rarely hear it used in actual conversation. Maybe it's used in books or newspapers though


This is anecdotal, but I was corrected by a Korean friend once for not using it when it would have made more sense to use it. I've heard though that it is only really used for people (사람들, 남자들, 학생들, etc) even though it's grammatically correct to use it with any noun.


I think you don't use 들 when you mean sth in general


This is the kind of comment I appreciate! Real world info. Thx!


Its used when explicity stating plurality is important. Otherwide, like many parts of conversational Korean, it can be omitted if the context makes it clear.


I heard that using 는 is talking about general facts, not something/someone specific. So that's why it's dogs and not the dog. We like dogs in general. You'd have to use the subject marker 가 to talk about a specific dog.


I'm proud that there wasn't the racist comment about liking dogs I was expecting to see here lol.

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