"Dans mon pays, on ne dit pas cela."

Translation:In my country, we do not say that.

September 9, 2017

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What is the correct pronunciation of the french word "pays" - "pay" or "payee" like the robots say.


Would "In my country, one doesn't say that" also be correct?


Okay, thanks. BTW, I live in Germany and your reply (accurate, direct, to the point, and with a low-context style that's not to be topped) betrayed your cultural back-ground ;-)


Probably, it is sometimes difficult to escape from one's upbringing.


I think that "in my country you don't say that" should be accepted.


No, it shouldn't be accepted. "You do not say that" is equivalent to, tu ne dis pas cela or vous ne disez pas cela. Where as On ne dit pas cela is equivalent to "Nous ne disons pas cela" which means, "We do not say that" I hope this is helpful.


No, it should be accepted. In English, the subject pronoun "one" sounds very formal and is more often than not replaced with "you"

On est ce qu'on mange

would translate to

You are what you eat


Please please, the female audio is often inaudible!


Why in my country, they don't say that is not accepted. Please see: on Pronoun Pronounce (a) one; we; you; they, people; someone, somebody; on dit que ~ people say that, it is said that. Example: On les a attaquƩs. They were attacked.

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