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Clubs in the web version?

I think clubs is one of the most successful products in Duolingo. The option to make a club with your friends or to make a small community, to compete with others and share your progress, a kind of meta-network actually, that is a network in a network, makes clubs an excellent tool to boost language learning. Duolingo added lately the possibility of commenting open and free. So as to exchange experience, even to help each other, functioning as a scaffold to share knowledge in collaborative learning and much more. I consider clubs as one of the most important and excellent ideas that Duolingo launched so far.

I would like this option, to make a club, to administrate it, to coach it, and to make a fruitful tool in language learning exist in the web version too. Ok, there are problems like the different grading system, but Duolingo can solve it, as for instance these two Duolingo versions can have different clubs. After all everybody chooses which version is better for him for language learning, depending on his style and more. Ok, there are the classes for the web version. But classes is a school-oriented tool, and it is used so. Clubs is and can be a different tool of similar value.

September 9, 2017



Have a lingot!

From what I can see, classrooms are for U18 and clubs are for adults - I presume the club-master can't change passwords or restrict members access as a classroom tutor can.

Please Duolingo, let's have them on the web too!


yep, i think so too


Started a French club to motivate my kids and their cousins to practice. It's working great, but not all of them have their own devices, so being able to join and participate in a club on the web version would be very helpful.


I enjoy the club feature as well but prefer to have a keyboard. So adding clubs to the browser version would be great!


This really is a needed feature for those of us that have special needs.


couldn't agree more!


i have benefited a lot from joining a club. and would definitely enjoy seeing it as a web version.




I definitely think we should have clubs on the desktop version... that would be super helpful.


It will be nice to have clubs in a web version, I agree!


I agree,

Please Duolingo, make the web version so that us web users can enjoy clubs too!


You are absolutely correct! Dueling, make this happen!


I have been seriously sick because i miss my Portuguese club members. where can I find it?

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