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  5. "Esther si mwalimu wa zamu"

"Esther si mwalimu wa zamu"

Translation:Esther is not a teacher on duty

September 9, 2017



10 questions in a row where my answer is rejected because I used articles. So i decide to answer this one without using an article... Ninapenda Kiswahili, but these lessons are frustrating.

[deactivated user]

    I always use Sticky Notes while on a laptop.


    Ndio, lakini Esther anafundisha somo gani?


    "Esther's not the teacher on duty" should be accepted. The given "Esther is not a teacher on duty" sounds unnatural; in English we would rather say "Esther is not on duty" or "Esther is not one of the teachers on duty", if there is more than teacher.


    We call them "duty teachers". I myself am one.

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