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Reached Level 19! And more...

Bonjour tout le monde!

I am about to finish my French tree, and I have reached Level 19 so far. Although I don't make such posts, I am compelled by customs to do so - I have seen many posts like this, but have never actually made one.

I was thinking to post things related to my experience here on Duo (spoiler: it's been great), tips for beginners, doubts that I had while learning French, suggestions, etc. once I finish my tree.

For anyone thinking to quit any tree - Don't. I remember starting out and seeing the long list of skills and lessons on the tree. But time flew by and I have almost finished it. You will also feel a lot more .... accomplished.

Thanks for reading - A bientot !

September 9, 2017



That's great! I used to always think of quitting even though I've made it really far but I'm glad I made it :)


Bonne travaille! What do you plan on doing once you finish your French tree? Also, just curious; how do you grade your French knowledge after all that work apprentissage de fran├žais?


Merci! Well, I would like to start the reverse tree this year. And I had a goal to give the French DELF/DALF exam this year too (these 2 goals were part of my New Year Resolutions, and also finishing the tree). But due to some circumstances, I will have to postpone that. I don't really test my French frequently, but I take up every opportunity that I get to practice French in daily life. For example, French instructions on the back of some globally made products. Also, there is this site called Kwiziq. I am not a paid subscriber, but every month I get a chance to test whatever I have learnt. I have seen you active a lot here! How do you go about learning French? PS - My Duo notifications have some glitches, so forgive me for replying late.


Besides practicing frequently on Duolingo; I also practice on Lingvist to hone my vocabulary. French subtitles in video games help too, though my grammar is terrible so reading can sometimes be a bit back to front. Good luck in your French exam! If you're streak is anything to go by I'm sure you will have retained a lot of what is taught here on Duolingo ;)


Yes - I remember you posted about video games before, right? After I improve more, I would like to try that too. The streak is a great motivator for me to keep going everyday :) Although I have seen 1000+ too!

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