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Can the hyphen be dropped from the adverb jusque-là

A Duolingo exercise has the following sentence:

je peux sauter jusque là

should it be:

je peux sauter jusque-là

September 9, 2017



To answer the question: no, the hyphen cannot be dropped, unless you are like 90% of the French people and you could not care less about spelling and grammar rules. A little search on Google Books shows that "jusque là" can be found without hyphen in some 21st-century printed books. What can I say? We are doomed. ;)


Also, in 'Jusque-là, tout va bien' ('so far, so good'; literally: 'up to there, all is going well'), we find the usual preference in informal French for 'là' over 'ici'. The correct expression is: 'Jusqu'ici, tout va bien' ('up to here'). In the past tense, though, we can say: 'Jusque-là, tout allait bien.'


Je te recopie ce que dit un dictionnaire :


jusque-là locution adverbiale

<pre>[dans le présent] up to now, (up) until ou till now </pre>

[dans le passé] up to then, (up) until ou till then

<pre>jusque-là, tout va bien so far so good [dans l'espace] je ne suis pas allé jusque-là pour rien I didn't go all that way for nothing ils sont arrivés jusque-là et puis ils sont repartis they got so far and then they left on avait de l'eau jusque-là the water was up to here je n'ai pas encore lu jusque-là I haven't got ou read that far yet j'en ai jusque-là de tes caprices ! (familier) I've had it up to here with your whims !, I'm sick and tired </pre>

of your whims !

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