How many levels are there in all? Is it 25? What happens after that?

September 9, 2017


There are 25 levels for all available Duolingo courses I believe. You can't exceed it no matter how much XP you gain. Most people finish their respective language courses prior to reaching that level, however.

Congrats for getting to level 22. Level 25 is the max, and I'm just shy of level 24 (at 25,333 XP).

Next step is either the reverse tree (English for French speakers) or another language. Or try some proper French literature and films.

If you do the reverse French, you'll do a lot more translating into French, which is the real challenge. Bonne chance.

Thanks for the answer Judith. You're way ahead of me, Well done. English for French learners can't be for me as I'm an English speaker learning French but French lit and films is what I should be doing and have started. Much more challenging but necessary if I want to improve.

Try to keep all the lessons golden by reviewing from time to time.

Thanks gatiquo, I practice every day so the lessons are always golden. I just use the practice button to keep up what I've learned. They're random so maybe I should select lessons in order to challenge myself more. The percentage has been stuck at 63 for months-not important I suppose.

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