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100 days streak in French :)

Hello everyone, today achieved 100 days in the language I'm learning. I am glad that I have managed so far and I wish to keep on going so that I can accomplish my goal of being fluent in French. :)

September 9, 2017



Congrats! How far are you into the tree?

I believe the best way to become fluent is first to complete the tree. Then you will need some kind of immersion. You do not need to go to France for that: you can read books, watch films, chat with people on forums and ideally also have audio conversations (that is the last step, in my opinion, when you are able to understand people).

Bonne continuation. :)


Thank you for the advice. I have reached level 10.


I was actually asking if you had completed the tree, or only done half of it, for example. The French tree has 3 checkpoints (not counting the 3 optional bonus skills, these sections contain 7 + 11 + 19 = 37 skills), and 41 skills after the third checkpoint. So there are 78 skills to complete, plus 3 bonus skills (the third one is only available during Christmas time, I believe). Are you almost done with all of them?

The levels, on the other hand, only depend on the amount of XP. They are a kind of incentive. First, to complete the tree, then to repeat all lessons over and over until we reach level 25 (with 30,000 XP). But they do not mean much, because it is possible to reach level 25 by doing the first lesson 1,500 times with timed practice.


When you finish the tree, it's about A2, right?


Between A2 and B1. It certainly depends on how well the tree's content has been assimilated. Completing the tree does not mean one has understood and memorised everything.


yes I agree with you n to be proficient in a language is challenging.

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Congratulations on your streak and I hope you get fluent one day.




bon effort ,, continue à


Congrats! I only started French yesterday but my mum is good. I'd love to become fluent too, don't ever give up! :)


Salut ! J'ai appris aussi, comme toi, le français sur Duolingo, et maitenant j'ai ouvert un blog en français. Si tu veux, tu pourrais jetter un coup d'oeil, et peut-être tu vas continuer à pratiquer le français, en lisant des courriels. Merci d'avance et bon courage ! https://lafrancaisedemd.wordpress.com/


OMG that's amazing well done


Wohoo! C'est fantastique!


Really wonderful effort! wish your success.


Bien joue! Bonne effort

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