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"Làm ơn đưa tôi quyển sách đó."

Translation:Please give me that book.

September 9, 2017



@Johnnase: this is just to be polite... làm ơn and cảm ơn should be used by asking somebody to do something for you.


Làm ơn is correct but very formal. Xin is used more often.


Is this sentence more a demand or a humble "please"? To me, it sounds like a desperate request, since I always hear it that way or tone.

And therefore, why is "give" not correct?


"Làm ơn" is the corresponding word in Vietnamese for "please", which is a polite word when imperative mood is used. DL requires you not to omit "please" because there is the word "làm ơn" and it wants you to translate all words. Maybe to you it sounds like a desperate request, but it doesn't mean DL will let you omit "please" here.

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