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Timed practice needs more time

I appreciate the idea of timed practice is that I'm rushed, but I keep finding the timer is getting in the way of actually learning things.

If I get a phrase wrong because I don't know the vocab that's fine, it helps me learn it, but if I get something wrong where I really don't understand why I'm wrong, or its something colloquial where knowing the meaning of the words doesn't really help translate the sentence, I rarely have enough time to work out why I was wrong.

Would it be possible to either freeze the timer while looking at the answer's discussion, or to make some way for us to go back and look at the answers we got wrong after running out of time/finishing it, or as a minimum let us carry on looking at the last answer we got wrong when the timer runs out. I'm perfectly happy to let the timer run out while trying to understand things, but I can't even do that if I get kicked to the "You're out of time screen".

March 11, 2013



I second this. I'm fine with 30 seconds + 7 seconds for every correct answer, but there should be 1) pause button and 2) auto pause on wrong answers to give people time to figure out their mistake or report an incorrect translation.


I'm not sure I agree. I feel like the timed rounds are an attempt at a more objective assessment of your skills. If you're unable to complete the timed rounds then an un-timed practice would be more appropriate. When you can complete the timed round you've mastered it.


I find that it is a typing test, rather than a language test. I ignore the timer. It might be better if I had a Spanish keyboard and proficiency using it.


very, very true- Most of my "mistakes" are typos because of speed stress.


We're taking out timed from the skill path (meaning the lessons) based on our testing. You will still find timed practice when you practice your weakest words. Thanks for all the feedback! Keep it coming.


Kristine, this is not about mandatory practice, but about stopping the timer after the user gives the answer.


Thanks for clarifying! We don't stop the timer when you're giving feedback (which is important to us). I'll bring this back to the product team. Thank you!


This is great. Two suggestions (echoing others). 1. The timed practice would be far more helpful if I had an option to increase the time to, say, 2 minutes. I agree with Peddler that at 30 seconds it's more of a speed-typing challenge than a real learning experience. 2. Re the problem about being able to analyze your incorrect answers, is there a way that you could review errors at the end of the test? I think stopping and starting would reduce the value of doing the work on a timed basis.


I find the timed practice really hard - but it's great fun and I love it. If it was the only learning option it would be impossible, but I think there's a lot to be said for trying to beat the clock and not having time to pay attention to your mistakes (unlike the untimed practice where I like to find out exactly where I went wrong). Timed practice is closer to learning a language by traveling to the country of origin and speaking to the natives - you don't have time to deal with your mistakes. Many suggest this is the best way to learn. (Yes it is a bit of a typing test - but hey, why not embrace an opportunity to improve on that skill too?)


Wow, 1 year old and still relevant. I think the main issue is that the timer is still running after you answer the problem. That is, if I make a mistake, I have no time to look at the correction.

Perhaps the intention is to force me to do what I can rather than worry about getting everything just right? (On the other hand, point-wise, I can easily get 10+ points in a fraction of the time it takes for untimed practice :x)

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