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  5. Herum, um, herum um? eehhhh?


Herum, um, herum um? eehhhh?

Ok. I find this a bit confusing. What is the difference between:

  1. "Wir sitzen um den Tisch."

  2. "Wir sitzen herum um den Tisch."

  3. "Wir sitzen herum den Tisch."

I would translate them all the same way. Just "sitting around the table". Though something tells the last one is pure quash. Thanks for your help!!!

September 9, 2017



The third sentence is not right german. the 2. sentence is correct, but it is a little bit to mutch with herum. the first sentence is right. i hope its helpful, but my english is not perfect

lola 6.0


Hi Green,

tricky question! "um" and "herum" have the same meaning in the first place. Herum is "older" and a leftover in german is " 'rum ". How can I explain you the difference..

"Wir sitzen um das Lagerfeuer (bonfire)". Picture in my head: People/friends around the fire chatting...

"Wir sitzen um das Lagerfeuer herum." Picture in my head: People/friends are sitting in a circle AROUND (in a circle) the fire.

Another "use" is you want to emphasise. "Geh um den Tisch." The person is uncertain and looks at you. "Geh um den Tisch herum.!"

At the end it's equal if you say um or herum. Only the third example doesn't work, sorry it's wrong.

To answer your question: "Wir sitzen um den Tisch" Yes, correct. "Wir sitzen um den Tisch herum" sounds for me (as an average German) more correct (why ever!?!). "Wir sitzen herum den Tisch" No, wrong.(Wir sitzen herum um den Tisch" weird and nobody says it, but grammatacly right).

best regards Angel

Ps. there's a german jawbreaker :-) "In Ulm und um Ulm und um Ulm herum".

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