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  5. "무무침을 치킨하고 먹는 것이 좋아요."

"무무침을 치킨하고 먹는 것이 좋아요."

Translation:I like eating seasoned radish with fried chicken.

September 9, 2017



Hi, is there a mistake here? Shouldn't it be "무무침하고 치킨을" 먹는 것이 좋아요?


When -하고 is used to show connection between two objects, it is normally used with the last object.

For example, I eat bread with milk. 저는 빵을 우유하고 먹어요.


"~~ 하는 것이 좋아요": recommendation

무무침을 치킨하고 먹는 것이 좋아요. = You should eat radish with chicken.

"~~ 하는 것을 좋아해요": preference

무무침을 치킨하고 먹는 것을 좋아해요. = I like to eat radish with chicken.

치킨 does not always mean fried chicken. There are 바베큐치킨, 오븐구이치킨, etc. 치킨 just means cooked chicken. What is 무무침 anyway? Never heard of it. I think what everybody calls the radish served with chicken is 치킨무. I just call it 무.


Where does it say the chicken is fried?


The Korean word 치킨 is a false cognate. They borrowed this word from English and so it has a limited meaning in Korean. It only means fried chicken in Korean, whereas in English it can mean the bird or the meat raw or prepared in any of numerous different ways. My Korean students always make the mistake of saying that chicken is their favorite food, but they only mean fried chicken is their favorite food.


한국에서는 무무침이 아니라 치킨무라고 하지 누가 무무침 이라고 말함?


We never say 무무침 in Korea. We say 치킨무.


I am confused now. My impression is

무 무침 (무우 절임) is used to refer to the pickled radish dish on its own.

치킨무 or simply "무" for short is used to refer to the side dish to go with the cooked chicken.


I put "pickled radish" instead of "seasoned radish." It was accepted as correct. May 1, 2020. :)


Pancakeyummy, it would be nice to know what age group, education/social level, etc. one is refering to when "we" is referenced.


Oh, sorry. I just wrote with my habit of saying 우리 in korean. Here 'we' meant Koreans.


Is this the sweet white cubes in the plastic container the spills water everywhere? Or the yellow mu?


무침 is not pickle. The word 무침 is used when mixing sauce with vegetables and etc., like 콩나물무침 or 오징어무침. The white cubes are called 치킨무, and the yellow one is called 단무지.


This seems off.


무무침 - (무 radish 무침 tossed salad) pickled radish eaten usually as a side-dish.


치킨 - abbr. 프라이드 치킨, English transliteration of fried chicken.

aka 닭고기 튀김 - chicken fritter.


Does "무침" also translate to "seasoned" as well as "salad?"


Yes. 무침 means Seasoned mix/mixture. So the word can be translated as "seasoned or pickled" depending on the dish.


nowhere does it say "i like"


its actually saying "it is good to"


The "impersonal It" is often used to express one's opinion implicitly.

In English, this structure appears mainly in reports or academic works. In speech, it risks sounding "patronizing". Hence, translations of such sentences from Korean tend to revert to a more personal structure s.a. In my opinion; I think; I like etc.

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