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Resuming a lesson

When I am in a lesson and tap on the button to read discussion on one question, I cannot find a way to get back to the lesson at the point I stopped. I have to start over. Is there a way to avoid this?

September 9, 2017



No, if you completely get out of the tab I'm pretty sure it deletes all progress. :(


When I look at a discussion it opens in a new window, so the lesson remains open and all I need to do is close the new window or click back on the window with the lesson in to get back there.

I know very little about computers, but if you post this in troubleshooting, do give as many technical details as you can about the system you are on, eg mobile, Android, IOS, app or web, as I suspect this may be relevant.

As I say, I know very little about computers and I hope this isn't wasting your time. Bonne chance!!


Thank you, all. I am on an iPhone and an iPad, and sometimes on my desktop! There isn't a back button when I look at a discussion. It takes me completely out of the lesson. Annoying, because the discussion button is at the bottom of the lesson.


please do try to ask the question in troubleshooting. I am told it is possible to move a post to a different topic, but it doesn't work for me, possibly my own lack of being able to follow the instructions.

Here are the instructions: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16609773

Edit: just another idea...a bit of a hassle, but you could try having two DL pages open. Maybe if you stay on your lesson page on one, and search for the discussion on the other this could work. I have searched for discussions by copying and pasting the correct answer given (my own correct answer or the answer given in correction of my own answer) and found the discussion I want. Maybe worth a try?


Unfortunately there are no session (auto-)save and resume buttons :-(

But you better move this thread by editing to the "Troubleshooting(English)" sub-forum!

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