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Unsupported language in mobile client

Thanks a lot for launching Czech for English speakers.

However, I wonder why in mobile client it is said "Unsupported Language" and does not allow to study the course through the client?

September 9, 2017



Courses that are in beta are not in mobile version


That is not true. Hungarian and Swahili for English speakers (both in beta) are on the mobile version. So are Spanish from Chinese and Guarani from Spanish. High Valyrian, which has been out of beta for around a month, is not on the app, along with Czech from English and Italian from Portuguese. I guess it just depends on the amount of time it takes, NOT the fact that it is in beta.


They don't need to get out of beta, but they need to get stabilized somewhat. It usually takes a few months. (I think there's a limit on the number of reports, like there is for beta, but a more lenient one. But don't quote me on that.)


Some of them are. Hebrew is in beta and is on the mobile app.


You must mean Hungarian. Hebrew has been out of beta for a little while.


I didn't realise Hebrew was out of beta, but it was definitely available on the mobile app before that happened.

[deactivated user]

    I don't know why this is a thing but a language has to be ported to mobile. At the moment Czech isn't supported but may be in the future.


    Surprisingly enough, it did let me make the first part of the Hello! Lesson in the iOS app before it told me it was not supported by mobile. (Wish I had taken screencaps though)


    Actually I had the same. Moreover, I was able to go through practice until it was blocked =(

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