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"Now he is just a normal citizen."

Translation:Maintenant c'est juste un citoyen normal.

March 11, 2013



I researched this and this is the best explanation I found:

Don’t say “il est un / elle est une / il sont des”. Say “c’est un, c’est une” with a strong liaison, “ce sont des”.



Why would "actuellement" not work in this sentence? (Given that that is one of the dictionary hints.)


can someone PLEASE explain to me why il est is wrong and c'est is good ?!


If you read the full thread, you will find out that it is a grammar rule. You will understand how it works but the "whys" of the rule remain mysterious! ;-)


Hey Sitesurf, could you please explain to me what is a humain "lambda". Besides the translation for "a greek letter", I couldn't find anything else :(


Un citoyen lambda = an average citizen, the guy next door.


Why not "Maintenant il est juste un citoyen normal"?

(c'est VS il est)


I am simply a learner as well, and I've struggled with this concept too. My understanding of the "il/elle est" vs "c'est/ce sont" is thus:

When a non-modified noun such as a nationality, profession, or personal attribute is present, the "il/elle est" construction must be used.

When a modified noun (modified by le/la/les, un/une, de/des, or an adjective) is present, the c'est/ce sont construction must be used.

If this logic is incorrect, someone please correct me!


This is how I understand it too (though, I often forget about it).


In French, "c'est" (sing.) and "ce sont" (plural) are used in a large variety of expressions, when a pronoun (it, she, he, they) is subject of verb "être" and followed by a nominal group, ie: article (+ adjective) + noun. - it is + noun => c'est - she is + noun => c'est - he is + noun => c'est - they are + noun => ce sont


I don't quite understand that. We should use ce when using the verb être?


exactement pourquoi pas? c'est ridicule cette traduction.cela veut rien dire


Ça me dérange un peu, je l'ai écrit correctement, mais il ne l'accepte pas, ma réponse était "il est juste un citoyen normal" comme un traduction de "he is just a normal citizen", je veux une explication cvp!


Please read the first post on this page and click on the link.

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