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Why are you learning High Valyrian ?

I am getting curious that why are you learning High Valyrian ? It isn't a popular language. It is not much useful in the communication. I want to know your reasons .

Thanks for sharing !

September 9, 2017



Just for fun, and because I love GoT!


Same as the reason for learning Sindarin and Klingon: it's from literature I like and I want another way to be close to that world. In an interview I mentioned trying to learn Sindarin during the LOTR movie days and my future employer started talking to me in Sindarin.


Thanks for you answer


Because it's there.


So I can sound cool


Just for fun I didn't see GOT


Because I love the invented languages. I'm already trying to study Tolkien's Quenya and Sindarin. So why not the High Valyrian.

[deactivated user]

    Me too, didn't see GoT


    I did the tree just for the heck of it. At least it's a super-short tree, and the lessons are also all short!


    Mostly to give me a better idea of the artifice a professional language-maker-upper puts in his languages.


    I'm learnig because I'm a fan of the book series. And hope, one day, that High Valyrian become my tonge to speak with my sister.


    I chose Valyrian as the language spoken by some people in my D&D setting, and it's also the mother tongue of two of our PCs. I like throwing in names and phrases that are actually valid, so getting to know the language is useful in that sense.

    Plus y'know, the good ol' regular "it's just really interesting in general".


    Because it is not a very common language, and not one people can name and attempt to run through a translator off the top of their heads. Talking about people behind their backs just got a whole lot easier.


    It would be awesome if my friends or boyfriend wanted to learn and we used it as our secret language, but alas, they are all learning Spanish and Greek and other languages that they are likely to actually encounter in the real world. lol. So I'm learning it anyway, because I'm addicted to learning and it's just a beautiful language. Maybe if I speak it around my friends, they will gain interest?


    lol Greek in the real world

    If you're looking for people to use the language with we hae a Discord server here https://discord.gg/34fgYEd but I don't think any of us are conversational yet


    hey, we're not that few :'-(


    my husband and I are learning high valyrian together, so we can talk to each other without our kids understand, just for fun, we love GoT, I'm not happy with the idea of only be able to study from the english plataform and not from the spanish one.


    For several factors; not only is it a unique language, and so very interesting to understand how it works, but it also enhances my ability to learn other languages because I've started to understand cases, as well as how other features like animate/inanimate works. Finally, the unique gender system, as well as being a constructed language appeals to me. It's interesting to see how a languages would be if we could create them ourselves, rather than them appearing logically.

    Too long/didn't read? It's because it's interesting to learn. I'd recommend it. It's why I'm learning Turkish as well.


    This is mainly why I chose HV as well... interesting, four genders / unique grammar, inflectional, fun/exotic. Turkish is also one of my favorites; I hope you enjoy it!


    I role play as ASOIAF/GoT characters , I think the language sounds incredible vocally and I had a lot of free time...

    Oh and I'm obsessed with the universe too...


    Started to watch GoT recently and I am just too much into it and decided to go deep on that reality (aka fantasy) before even started to appear the idiom itself at the TV Show

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