Tanti errori

There is an incredible number of mistakes and errors in the English for Italian Speakers module on mobile.

Nouns are being confused with verbs, words are translated as punctuation marks, plurals mixed with singulars, basic wrong translations for simple terms, wrong pronoun options, and nothing is getting fixed regardless of "flagging" it on the module.

Please fix these errors asap.

September 9, 2017

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Can you give some examples? I finished the English for Italian speakers course a while ago and didn't see that many errors!

Sure. There are many instances, but the ones I can remember off hand are: "wooden" is translated as "di" in stead of "di legno" "of" is just an apostrophe "mothers", as in more than one mother, is translated into Italian as a verb "to mother" "bit", as in a small amount of something, i.e. : little bit is translated as "bit - in the measure of computer data. "autoressa" is translated as "authors". A single noun to plural. Same with "nonno" and it's English option "grandfathers": single vs. plural nouns. (in fact I JUST saw it again. "Castello" is translated as "castles". Should be singular - castle. In the sentence "I want another beer" the audio has the "beer" as a "bear". For some reason "name" gets this translation: "da il nome a"

These are just some instances and as I move through the course I am sure I will find many more, which makes me think about all the errors in the Italian for English module I finished.

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