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Access to Audio books

Does anyone know the best way to get access to a wide selection of French audiobooks online? I don't mind paying, it just seems difficult to search in England for French language audiobooks?

September 9, 2017



Je suis désolé! I wish I could help but i'm in the same problem. I know a site that you can try... don't know if it will help. When you get on it is all in french. If your not that fluent than just be patient... a thing will pop up so you can change it to English. It doesn't have very many great books but there are a few books you can choose from. Hope that helps! http://www.litteratureaudio.com/


Thanks I will check that out


Well, there are some for free at librivox, public domain only. Same goes for Project Gutenberg audiobooks. Again for free, you may find some recordings of a public read online or at Archive.org.

For paid ones, you can explore Amazon's Audible, start at the foreign languages panel you can access from "Browse Audible" above. I've never bought from them, but I've recently bought a French kindle book and Amazon offered to add an audio narration, so I presume everyone can access a variety of French material and they could have Audible narrations. (You can also buy Audible books individually)


That's great, thank you, I'll have a look through those links

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