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  5. "jiný muž"

"jiný muž"

Translation:different man

September 9, 2017



Why can't I answer "other man"?


It would be "another man". Idk why "other man" doesn't also work, and weirdly enough when I tried "another man" the first time during a practice, it said it was incorrect and that the correct answer was "different man" but then the second time I tried it allowed "another man" as the right answer.


Both jiny and dalši seem to translate as "another" or "different", but these words aren't used interchangeably in English - for example, I could say "apples and oranges are different", but I couldn't say "apples and oranges are another" - if I was to translate these statements into English, could I use dalši/jiny in the literal translation of this statement, or does it only works in examples such as "I don't like this beer, I would like another/a different one" - what about the case of "I like this beer, I would like another (ie one more)"? Sorry for the long question - I'm just struggling to relate it back to what I know without more examples. Thank you very much

PS: Sorry for the duplicate post - wasn't sure where best to make the comment. Thanks again!


manytimes i post "different man" and it show me error .. WTH ?!


What exact kind of error does it show?

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