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  5. "jiný muž"

"jiný muž"

Translation:different man

September 9, 2017



Why can't I answer "other man"?


It would be "another man". Idk why "other man" doesn't also work, and weirdly enough when I tried "another man" the first time during a practice, it said it was incorrect and that the correct answer was "different man" but then the second time I tried it allowed "another man" as the right answer.


There might have been some glitch 2 years ago, but both other and another is correct and surely accepted.


Both jiny and dalši seem to translate as "another" or "different", but these words aren't used interchangeably in English - for example, I could say "apples and oranges are different", but I couldn't say "apples and oranges are another" - if I was to translate these statements into English, could I use dalši/jiny in the literal translation of this statement, or does it only works in examples such as "I don't like this beer, I would like another/a different one" - what about the case of "I like this beer, I would like another (ie one more)"? Sorry for the long question - I'm just struggling to relate it back to what I know without more examples. Thank you very much

PS: Sorry for the duplicate post - wasn't sure where best to make the comment. Thanks again!


Is a different man not also correct?


"A different man" is also accepted. But we have no report for it, so we cannot tell you why it may have been rejected, if that was exactly what you wrote. Please always use the report button, even if you also comment in the sentence discussion. That said, we have seen a lot of recent issues with Duo's handling of translations and the reporting function, and we have no control over system issues like those, unfortunately.

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