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"Your dog does not see my horse."

Translation:Tvůj pes mého koně nevidí.

September 9, 2017



"Tvůj pes nevidí mého koně" je špatný slovosled??


Why not kūñ?
I thought konê was plural.


This is the accusative case used for direct objects. Please see the Tips and notes to find out more about accusative and about grammatical cases in general.

Also please use the correct diacritics or nothing at all. Better no diacritics rather than the incorrect symbols you used.

ů, not ū
ň, not ñ
ě, not ê


I don’t know what is meant by diacritic. I find your response rather abrupt. I would not use that tone to people I was trying to assist.


Sorry if my messages are rather terse, I am I do not have much time for everyone, but I strive to keep them reasonably polite and not judging. However, reading my answer again, I cannot find any bad tone in my answer. There is nothing I would change.

I just wanted to kindly advise to not use those diacritic marks you used and I showed specific examples. You can easily find what a diacritic is on the web, e.g. https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/diacritical%20mark https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diacritic

Some people also call them accents, but that is somewhat narrowing the true extent what the marks can do.

If you were in any way offended by me writing "rather nothing than that" than I fear you were too quick in that. Native Czech speakers, including myself, often indeed do write Czech without diacritic marks.


Thank you. I appreciate and value your response regarding diacritic marks. I’m sure you know that the English keyboard on Apple devices does not include the full range of marks for the Czech language; hence my awkward attempt to include them in my first message. But, thanks again for putting me right.


This might be helpful https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35321961/I-can-t-type-the-accents

Personally, I have an android phone and on my keyboard app I can quickly switch languages. óěůeœæόύέщжѩѭżźćąⰰⰱⱙ

For the discussions you should be fine without the diacritics.


Few people use Apple devices in the Czech Republic, so I actually have no idea how they work. But I doubt they have less functionality than other devices. I can easily install any kind of keyboard layout on my Windows computer as well as on my Android phone and type correctly in any language, including हिन्दी or even 中文 (I didn't copy-paste that from anywhere), so I would imagine it's also possible on those highly praised (and priced) Apple devices.

If you, for some reason, cannot do that, it's acceptable to type in Czech using plain Latin alphabet without any special characters. Duolingo will accept your answers and Czechs will understand what you wrote.

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