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"hezké auto"

Translation:nice car

September 9, 2017



English translation should include "nice auto", since auto means car in English as well


"auto" for a car is nor really common or universal in English and is not accepted in this course.


At least in the US "auto" is used quite a bit for things like "autoshow", "Autoparts store" and more.

For example, https://www.motortrend.com/auto-shows/

While "car" is used a lot here for personal vehicles that one drives, "auto" is still used quite a bit as well.


These compound words or expressions do not count.


I'm sorry. I should have been quite clearer.

I should have written that "auto" is not just used in compound words here.

For example, one generally does not go looking for "car" parts but for "auto" parts, "auto" or even "automobile" insurance (sometimes even "vehicle insurance"). While "car" is used quite a lot it is not done exclusively, in quite a lot of circumstances not at all and "auto" as a single word is still used frequently. (At least in the US)


We do accept automobile. The word vehicle better suots the Czech word vozidlo, it is more general (AFAIK). The result of internaldiscussions in the contributors' team so far was to not accept auto.


Why does the frequency of usage of the word auto in English matter for learning Czech? I'm already a native English speaker, and clearly I knew what the Czech phrase meant. Anyway, your program, your rules I guess.


Not the least because there is in fact a significant number of people learning English here. Or improving their English while learning Czech. Some exercises are even common with the course of the English language for the speakers of Czech.

It is not my program and not my rules in any way. I created neither of them nor did I significantly participated in creating the Czech course. If you mean Duolingo, then I am not a Duolingo staff although I do represent it when I moderate the forum.


isnt it beautiful car instead of nice car?


No. Beautiful is krásné. It is nicer than nice or pretty.


How about “fine car?”


mmm for that, I would use "dobré auto" (and it would work ironically too same as in english)


Would you say "Hezky(a)(e) someone" is more about the personality of the person, you are referring more to how NICE the person is, rather the way they look?

And if you want to really say they look good is better to use Krasne(y)(a) ?


No, "hezký" is only about looks, whether you speak about a thing or a person. And "pěkný" is exactly the same. "Krásný" is stronger, like "beautiful".

When you want to talk about the personality of a person, you can use "milý" (nice, warm), "hodný" (kind, good), "laskavý", (kind, pleasant), "příjemný" (pleasant, nice) etc.

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