"another city"

Translation:další město

September 9, 2017



What's the difference between dalsi and jiny/jina? (Sorry, typing this on my phone which doesn't have all the Czech characters)

October 9, 2017


When a person enters the room, and you expected somebody else, you say "jiný" ("a different...").

When someone enters the room, so there is one more person in it, you say "další" ("one more...").

I hope I got it right.

October 16, 2017


In another thread, someone said that další means "next". I'm utterly confused by další and jiný now. I thought jiný meant different and další meant another/additional, but apparently I'm mistaken. I'd love clarification on the difference between jiný and další.

January 7, 2019


Why? BobShmop basically confirmed what you thought. Why do you think you are mistaken?

January 7, 2019
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