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  5. "Děti nepijou víno."

"Děti nepijou víno."

Translation:Children do not drink wine.

September 9, 2017



Can you not say "The children do not drink wine?" containing the article?


Why is "Kids do not drink wine" is not accepted?...


It is. We gave a two days old report that used "vine" instead of "wine". Maybe it was you, maybe someone else. If someone else, use "My answer should have been accepted" to report.


Why is Děti nepijí víno not acceptable?


"Děti nepijí víno" is accepted. Perhaps there was something in your answer that Duo didn't like, but we can't say for sure since we have no report.


I believe I also spelled it "vino" instead of "víno". Forgot to report it though.


Děti nepijí víno is bad? Why? The word NEPIJÍ is a literary term.


"Děti nepijí víno." is fine and accepted. If your answer was not accepted and should be, use the report button.


Thanks for the reply. Of course, I used the "report" button. It was a transcript of listening where it was said "NEPIJOU" I tried to write three times ,,NEPIJÍ" - it was not recognized it had to be "NEPIJOU". That is why I commented on the discussion


That is a completely different situation. In listening, you must transcribe what you hear exactly. JÍ is not JOU, therefore your listening was wrong.

Nepijou je taky spisovně, i když třeba jen hovorově. https://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?slovo=p%C3%ADt#bref2 V poslechu se přepisuje, co je slyšet, nelze to nějak opravovat.


Yes, I understand this situation, therefore I wrote in a note that it is a transcript of the listening example. But please understand me. I am Czech and at the school (I am over 60) we learned that these endings are not literal expressions. But everything evolves and also languages. I hope that my comment does not have many Grammarly mistakes. I still only learn. Thanks and have a nice day

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