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  5. "We are young now."

"We are young now."

Translation:Teď jsme mladí.

September 9, 2017



Why can't I say "Jsme mladí teď"? Is there a reason that the word for "now" has to go at the beginning?


Generally if you want to emphasize a word in a sentence you put it at the end of the sentence. So if you say: Jsme mladí TEĎ, you emphasize the word teď. In some cases (like the one mentioned by tragram) it makes sense, but in other cases it just sounds weird.


I wrote "Jsme mladé ted'" and it tells me i have a typo at "ted'." - could it be missing the dot?


Wait, did you really use d' instead of ď? That is obviously wrong, then diacritic mark is not an apostrophe. Notice that it should take a space of one character, not of two characters. With capital letters it is easier to see. D' is not Ď.


Unlikely, the dots (full stops) are ignored. You probably had some other typo you did not see.

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