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Are there sites similar to Duolingo's old immersion feature?

I haven't been using Duolingo much since a lot of features have been taken away and my favorite was immersion. Anybody know a website where I can translate documents or pages in any language?

September 9, 2017




I translated a story I wrote into german and someone corrected the sentences for me. Not exactly immersion, but you might like it.


heads up, you can no longer sign up for an account of lang8 :/


That's a shame. Guess i have to look for a new place.


Really? So they do not get any new users? I guess that it is because of the spammers that posted there. Also, I noticed that it takes more and more time to get a correction.


The successor site is https://hinative.com/ Not sure how it differs.


I use hinative also. They are quite different. Lang-8 is for writing texts that are corrected by native speakers, while hinative is better for asking specific questions about languages and countries.


I use lingq.com as a form of immersion, although you don't "translate" to a new language, you can read authentic material, listen to records, and mark words you don't know.


Thanks for this tip. I like lingq.com so far!

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