"To je ono!"

Translation:That is it!

September 9, 2017

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Is this "That is it!" as in "Eureka" or as in "I'm fed up with this!!"??


Can this be used in a "no more/i've had enough" sort of way? (i.e: like when full at a restaurant). Or is this only to be used to state something is "correct"?


No, it can't be used for this purpose. You would use "Už ne! Dost! To stačí! Mám dost!" and so on.


Can the phrases you mention also be used in an "I can't take this any more /stop bothering me!" kind of way -- as when a child has been misbehaving for what seems like forever, or someone you're not the least bit interested in keeps pestering you to go out on a date?


Yes. Just instead of "Mám dost!" better use "Mám toho dost!".


I think it should be "This is it!"


That is now an accepted translation.


Why is ONO translated here as "it" (third person) but in the table of verb To be lesson, the third person is TO?


I'm trying to understand this as well.


Could this be used when you are looking for or asking for something specific, and someone finds it for you?

Fx "where my jacket?"

"This one?"

"Yes, that's it!"


Well, to use it for that purpose, it should match the gender of the object. As it stands, "To je ono" works for neuter objects. In your jacket example, you'd use "To je ona!" for "That's the one!", and for masculine objects "To je on!"

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