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  5. "On üç tane kaplumbağa"

"On üç tane kaplumbağa"

Translation:Thirteen turtles

September 9, 2017



Is it okay to write only " On uc kaplumbaga?"


Here's a comment by Justyna877593 I found in the discussion Kurbağa altı tane örümcek yer..

'I find nice explanation by YakinAlan 171110976 "tane" is optional here. It provides some sort of a precision and emphasis. It implies that something has been counted already. For larger numbers like 100 or 1000 if you say, "Benim yüz kuşum var". I will (as a native ear) assume that that may not be an exact number, it is maybe something around that. Or even you are exaggerating or speaking off the top of your head. In that case, "tane" really helps. "Benim yüz tane kuşum var" may imply that you are serious about the quantity.

There are some places in which "tane" may be substituted with the item itself.

A: Benim üç kuşum var. B: Benim beş tane (var).

It is used for the questions: Such as "Kaç tane?"= "How many" etc.

I hope that helps...'


When should we use "tane"?

[deactivated user]

    I am turkish but I dont understand. her turkish is so bad


    When we should use (tane)


    Exactly. It's disabled now which means it won't be available for listen and type exercises.


    What would be the difference in Turkish between 'There are thirteen turtles' and 'Thirteen turtles'?


    I think "There are thirteen turtles" would be: On üç tane kaplumbağa var.


    On & uç together forms thirteen? Like seven teen together is 17.


    Why is it said as"on üç tane kaplumbağa" and not"on uç tane kaplumbağalar" i think that i am supposed to have 13 turtles and not 13 'turtle'


    How can I enter a club?


    I wrote 13 but it doesnt count thats meanless

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