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Problem with adding friend on Duolingo


I have a problem with adding a friend on Duolingo. I find them by email, press "Add Friend" and nothing happens. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

September 9, 2017



I've seen a few others with this same problem. It usually eventually goes away (based on what they've said). Just focus on your language learning for the time being.


Why (and how) by email?

I can go to your profile, and then I will see the button "Follow". If I press that button, I will follow you.

This is the procedure I know.


Thanks for response. I did the same with you. I pressed follow. But then i came back to your profile again, i see that i am not following. that is the problem


And Dellfis, I’m not entirely sure, for I’ve never encountered this before. How long has it been going on? It may just be bug.


I have exactly the same problem, just as it's described below.

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