"Я не знала, що ти міцний горішок."

Translation:I did not know that you are a hard nut to crack.

September 9, 2017

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Why not "I didn't know you're a hard nut to crack."?


If it's not accepted please report it. It should be.


Thanks, guys. No idea why it was overlooked. There were many similar submissions from users. Fixed it, have lingots!


Moltes gràcies a tu, doncs! Greetings from Catalonia.


OMG <3 <3 But see that "9" of Italian approaching the "10" of Catalan? :D It's gonna mess up my brain (it already does) and kick out what I used to know :')


LOL, it happens the same to me with the Russian and the Ukrainian...


Am i not allowed to translate as a contraction? Didn't, instead of did not?


Yes, this is allowed, and it happens automatically on Duolingo: if the translation given as acceptable has "did not" and you input "didn't", Duo accepts it, we don't have to add it as a separate option.

It means you did something else wrong. Please, include the whole sentence you inputted.


Just in case, I tested it now:

  • I didn't know that you were a hard nut to crack.
  • I didn't know that you're a hard nut to crack.
  • I did not know that you're a hard nut to crack.

All are green.

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