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Need help with the lyrics of "juste parce que j'peux" by lisa LeBlanc

Could somebody (preferably one who knows French as a first language) point out and explain the slang/sayings used in this song or the lyrics that an english speaker would have a difficult time figuring out on their own. I don't need help figuring out the entire song, only the parts whose meanings are not immediately obvious to someone who is learning French as a second language. For example, I see the word "pis" being used and I'm not really sure what that means or how to use it. On the other hand, I understand that "j'peux" is just a contraction of je peux. Thanks in advance!


September 9, 2017



'Pis' = 'et puis' = literally 'and then' but it actually means either 'and' or 'then'.

The correct term is 'puis' ('then') but it is formal, literary. Informally, we say 'et puis', often pronounced 'et pis' or only 'pis'.

'Pis des fois' = 'And sometimes'


I see it is actually French from Quebec.

'Sacrer' = 'say profanities, swear, curse'

'J'vas' = 'Je vais'

'Su'a table' = 'Sur la table'

'Fais-toi en pas' = 'Ne t'en fais pas' = 'Do not worry'

'Ça y'est pas plus' = 'Ça ne l'est pas plus'


Thank you so much for your help!

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