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Is there anyone here from East Texas learning Italian besides me?

I'm planning to move to Italy this coming January and I'm working my way down the Duolingo tree. Also would like to practice with some locals if possible :)

September 9, 2017



Hi, the forums aren't a good place to plan meet ups. There are a lot of young folks here who might be tempted to post their address, email, or other personal information that could compromise their safety. So, the Community Guidelines ask everyone in the forums to help set an example of internet safety practices in the forums. If you aren't in a classroom, you should be able to see a "Labs" option in the blue bar at the top of the screen of the desktop version of Duolingo. There is a "meetup" feature being tested. It is limited to people who are 18 and older, I believe.

Good luck with your language studies and moving to Italy. My tip for you is to head to Youtube and look for Italian gesture lessons. Gesture is an essential part of the Italian language. :)


That makes a lot of sense! Thanks.


I am in West Texas, near Amarillo. A man in Las Vegas told me that I speak Italian with a Spanish accent.


my mum was born in texas!!! :D


Awesome! The best people in the worlddd started here :)

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