"Trimestrele sunt scurte."

Translation:The trimesters are short.

September 9, 2017

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Trimester in English is normally only used to refer to the three parts of PREGNANCY. I presume that is not what is meant. The three school sessions (January to around Easter, Easter to around July, and September to December) are called terms in English. It would be good to know if that is the intended meaning.


Trimestru can mean both in Romanian. This sentence doesn't give you a gist of the meaning.


Trimester in American English can refer either to pregnancy or to school terms where there are 3 of equal length. If one takes it to be general (trimesters are short, rather than THE trimesters are short), it likely means in contrast to semesters.


Definitely "the terms are short" in England. I think "semester" is American. Can anyone verify this? Quite agree - trimester is only for pregnancy.


There are semesters in many UK universities too, and 3 semesters per year at uni in Ireland >30 years ago :)


Interesting. Dividing the school year into three equal parts is not common in the US, but I have heard people call it "trimester" and even "semester" because it's so uncommon we don't know what to call it. On another note, one college i know if offers class in between fall and spring semesters and calls it a J-Term (January Term) where you take one intensive course for a month which would count for taking it for a whole semester.


I went to a Scottish style University in Canada that had trimesters instead of semesters. The difference is the length.

Trimesters are all 3 at the same length, so you can take a full summer and fall term and take winter off to go be a ski instructor.

With semesters, the fall and winter terms are longer than a trimester, and the summer term is half length (usually used for making up one course).


Many thanks. As it was in a segment on education I'm feeling the correct translation (which was marked wrong) is "The terms are short". I'm not getting a sense of whether the authors care about this kind of issue or not.... Anyone know if there is a funded service to correct / maintain these segments?

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