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Looking for a new Tree

I've really buckled down with Spanish, learning, learning, & learning not only because I need to, but because it's also very enjoyable and fun. I'm nowhere near being fluent, but feel ready to except another language into my oh-so-sowly-developing arsenal of languages.

I was hoping to find a few languages related to my lineages, and I was happy to find German, Welsh, Norwegian, and Irish/Gaelic. But I was also disappointed when I could not find Persian. It may not be related to me in any way, but I have been interested in this language ever since I watched the movie "The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time", and I became curious why the actors were speaking English and not Persian, xD.

I understand that Persia is now referred to has Iran, which is right next to Iraq, where they speak Arabic, but I could also could not find Arabic. Perhaps 'Lingo could add one of these? Or maybe even both?

As for the new Tree, which should I go for? Any recommendations? Welsh, Norwegian, or Irish? I'm not really feeling German right now, so it's just between those three.


September 9, 2017



Irish is very hard: If you're up for a challenge, there you go.

Norwegian has been rated as the easiest language for English speakers: If you prefer easy languages, there you go.

I have no idea about welsh.

As for adding Arabic and Persian, people have applied, but they haven't got a reply from duo. We don't know when, or if, Arabic or Persian will ever be added.


Welsh is easier than Irish in my opinion


Irish sounds pretty entertaining. If it's too easy, that makes it boring, you know? Hopefully Persian and Arabic will be added sometime in the future--soon!


If you're sure you want to try another language, it should definitely be Swahili. It is usually overlooked but it is a truly fascinating language. It's also the only African language on Duolingo (Hopefully that changes one day)! Sense you seem to be a bit interested in Arabic, Swahili is a great place to start. It adopted tons of words from Arabic (When I say tons, I mean tons) and also quite a few from English! It doesn't have the confusing writing that Arabic does though. It is like English with the same letters and no weird symbols over/under the letters. The pronunciation is surprisingly simple. Overall, it is an amazing language and you should try a few lessons to see if you like it. Have fun with whatever language you choose!


You make a really good case. Maybe when I finish my Spanish tree, I'll do Swahili.


Wow...that pretty much blew me away. Good case indeed! I'm thinking I'll be checking it out. xD Sounds very entertaining! Arabic you say?


I would recommend Norwegian. From what i've seen of it it is a beautiful language. I don't really like the sound of Welsh or Irish but that's just my opinion. And of course i would have picked german but you say you don't want it. Good luck with your new tree :)


Thank you for your advice and the luck!


You could try Portuguese, Italian or French since they're similar to Spanish in a lot of ways. However, I recommend sticking with Spanish and trying to become as fluent in it as possible. I know it's very tempting to want to try all the trees on this site, but in the long run one language at a time will be best. You'll progress at a much faster rate and retain more.


sorry, didn't read the last bit of your comment. Norwegian is probably closest to English, which will make it a little easier to learn.


Well, I'm seeking a challenge, so. C: And I very much agree! Spanish will come first--any second language will simply be a pastime until I become fluent in Spanish. And right now, I desperately need to become fluent.


I would recommend learning a non romance language so you don't confuse the vocab with Spanish


Is Irish a romance language? Something tells me it isn't. . .Perhaps it's because the Irish were known for their drinking & merrymaking. xD


Depends on where you are. If you live in the UK or Ireland or anywhere in that area, shoot for Irish or Welsh. Not too many people use the languages, though. I'd personally go for Norwegian, as I'm quite interested in Norwegian myself, but kinda put off by the fact that most Norwegian people speak English better than I do.


Ha, well I'm live Colorado, USA. xD I'm now trying to decide between Irish or Welsh, but I would mostly be learning a new language as a pastime, for if I ever traveled to that area I'd be headin' to Scotland. I have a friend who has been down to Wales--I've heard it's beautiful.

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