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  5. "아이는 연필을 돌려요."

"아이는 연필을 돌려요."

Translation:A child spins a pencil.

September 10, 2017



Did 돌려요 change from meaning "turns" to "spins" just because of the object is a pencil? Or am I missing something?


confused about the verbs as well


There is a family of verbs related to 돌다 that are relevant in this section:

  • 돌다 means "to turn, spin (itself)"; this verb does not require an object
  • 돌리다 means "to turn, spin (something)"; this verb requires an object to turn
  • 돌아주다 means "to return (something)"; this verb requires an object to return
  • 돌아오다 means "to come back"
  • 돌아가다 means "to go back"

Here are some example sentences:

  • 연필을 돌아요 = "The pencil turns (itself)."
  • 아이는 연필을 돌려요 = "The child turns/spins the pencil."
  • 아이는 연필을 돌아줘요 = "The child returns the pencil."
  • 아이는 돌아와요 = "The child comes back."
  • 아이는 돌아가요= "The child goes back."


Why is "the" wrong? Like "A child spins the pencil"


I've flagged a few exercises where 'the' should have been accepted. So we'll see if it changes.


It is accepted as correct now.


"A"~는 (subject) vs. "The"~를 (topic): A indicates it could be any child vs. "The" indicates a specific child. The endings mark whether the speaker is talking generally or specifically.


I think you mean ~은/는 or ~이/가. And that doesn't always apply; it can also be used for emphasis. Either can be translated to the or a in almost all contexts.


And by ~를 I meant ~가. Oops. Also, disregard because your were talking about pencils and not children


The topic particle 는 doesn't specify which child. 아이가 would be 'the child'

[deactivated user]

    Villager News: One day, a really huge thing happened, A child spins a pencil


    always take your time selecting the words... i accidentally clicked "spinned a please" instead of "pencil"

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