"Are you born in July?"

Translation:Sei di luglio?

March 11, 2013

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We should be careful with literal translations going both ways. Here the English is just wrong. You are born once; and you were born in the past. "Were you born in July?" is the correct English phrase. "Are you born in July" makes no grammatical sense in English.


When do you use 'di' and 'da'?


I'd like to know this as well


why not "da luglio"?


I was getting it right all this time using 'in' before the month, now all of a sudden I've been marked wrong for not using 'a'. 'a' is not even there on hover. Explanations?


Duo wants you to use your memory!


So if you're asking someone what month they were born in, you don't use the word 'born'?


I would definitely translate this sentence into "Sei nato in luglio?" "Sei nata in luglio?".

"Sei di luglio?" doesn't make much sense out of context, I never said it I think.


I got this as multiple choice otherwise I would've gotten it wrong most likely. I've been doing a lot of thinking about why things are said certain ways and realized, like probably everyone else, that in English we use words that make sense to us but if literally translated into another language would make a native speaker of that language very confused. I saw "Sei di luglio?" once I knew what it meant as "Are you of (the month of) July?" or perhaps "Are you from July?" Both of those at first glance are odd in English because it sounds like July is a place and not a part of time.

Thanks for providing how you would translate it. I know another new word. :)


I agree completely with Beeber. In English we always use the past tense when asking someone about their time and place of birth. Therefore, "Where were you born?", "When were you born?"


Sei di luglio? is literally "Are you from July?" not "Are you born in July? or Were you born in July?" which ever one you choose.


YES !!!! how did you know that duo ? ;)


In England, the usual line of conversation goes to star signs. In this case, more likely to be Cancer than Leo. Will the Stars of The Zodiac appear later in the course?


Where you born in july?

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