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"His friend died from a heart attack."

Translation:그의 친구가 심장마비로 사망했어요.

September 10, 2017



그의 친구가 심장마비로 죽었습니다. This answer is also correct.


What is the difference between 사망하다 and 죽다?


죽다 vs 사망하다

• Root

죽다 - pure Korean word

사망하다- word with chinese root.

• Meaning

죽다 - die, die down, fade away

사망하다 - lose one's life, be killed, pass away etc.

• Usage

사망하다 only applies to humans and is considered more formal than 죽다.

죽다 applies to all things. e.g.

추억은 죽었다 - memories died/faded.

불이 죽어요 - the fire dies down.

사망하다 cannot be used in such cases.


Thank u, that's really useful!;))

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