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  5. "샤워를 하는 남자는 비누를 주워요."

"샤워를 하는 남자는 비누를 주워요."

Translation:The showering man picks up the soap.

September 10, 2017



"The man taking a shower picks up the soap." Was marked wrong because apparently you can only answer "the showering man" which is awkward English because "showering man" is not a common expression. Instead we explain it as "the man who is taking a shower". ....seriously....


Don't forget to report it with the flag next time you encounter it. I doubt they will see it in these comments.


I put, "The man who takes a shower." It was marked wrong. I reported that my answer should also be correct.


It's like he's talking a shower in a jail))))


It's a new language so I don't think they've fixed all the bugs or given us many choices. This question was in the fill the blanks form for me. Instead of "the showering man" I said "the man showering" which is actually more natural than the former. So yeah. It's a beta. And that was my last question to test out.

[deactivated user]

    "the man having a shower picks up the soap" ?


    In a public bath, "Could you pick up the soap there?" 비누 좀 줏어 줘

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