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Job Interview Preparation

Hi Duo, Loved this effort. Could you please help me with a translation. I am post graduate and worked an Assistant Manager in an international BPO in my native Land. Now I am willing to do any job such as reinigung, gestelle auffüllen in Grocery Stores or anywhere so that I may start earning some money and I may know other native people and their lifestyle. In my upcoming interview, I believe they would ask me "Are you willing to do such job as your prior experience is different" so what would they ask me in Deutsch and how would I have to answer it. Google is not translating it accurately I believe. could you please translate it!

September 10, 2017



'your prior experience' would probably be 'Ihre bisherige Erfahrung' - but if you are serious about doing an interview in German, you should prepare your answers in German yourself.

Of course a native speaker might be happy to check that your answer is understandable, but if you can't speak spontaneously or understand the interviewer's questions then asking someone to translate your answers for you isn't gonna help you.

But if you are applying for jobs, you probably have the skills to write your interview notes in German - give it a go.


Yeah, basically I am preparing Introduction part online to apply for work but this question wasn't available so is the answer. This is the reason I asked someone manually not from machines.


It's really hard to guess how the interviewers will phrase their assumption/question. Maybe something like this:

Wären Sie bereit, diese Arbeiten -- Regale auffüllen, Reinigungsarbeiten -- zu verrichten? Ich entnehme Ihrem Lebenslauf, dass Ihre bisherigen Berufserfahrungen in anderen Bereichen liegen.

You could then reply:

Ja, ich wäre gerne bereit, diese Arbeiten zu verrichten. Mir kommt es darauf an, hier im Berufsleben Fuß zu fassen.

If you have any questions about my suggestions, please ask. :-) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your interview. All my best wishes!


Thanks a lot for such a great help. I needed just an idea with a Phrase. It would be very much helpful for me how to answer that you suggested. It's great help. Thanks for your response and wishes as well.

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How please suggest!

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