"Pumnul este mai puternic decât palma!"

Translation:The fist is stronger than the palm!

September 10, 2017

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pumn m.
sing. pumn / pumnul
plur. pumni / pumnii

sing. pumn / pumnului
plur. pumni / pumnilor


Is this a proverb of some sort? "It is better to take than to request," maybe?


Remember son, punch 'em, don't slap 'em!


Not really, maybe you created one :)


There is a TV program that Amazon recorded and distributed - Comrade Detective. It's very interesting due to the setting, the buildings, the equipment, etc, all being extremely authentic from communist era Romania because most of the buildings in Romania today were built in that era.

It's a cop show set in Communist-era Romania.

In one scene the head cop of the police unit that's the focus of the show -- he holds up his hand with the fingers spread, and tells his squad to remember that separated we are weak, and then he closes his fingers into a fist, and says to remember that when we're together we are stronger.

I asked my girlfriend about that, and she said that's a real saying from Romania.


Sounds like a quote from Bruce Lee movies.

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Debatable, to say the least. And then again, other sources mention the pen as being even mightier.

(Of course, still other sources favour Snow White as being the prettiest of them all, but whether they considered either the fist or the pen in their comparison remains unclear.)

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