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Looking for a native English speaker

Hello everyone,

my name is Dária, I study translation and interpreting in my home country Slovakia. Although I've just started my sophomore year and have basically little to no experience in the real world of translating, I started translating to English as a volunteer for a small website that posts articles and interviews with famous and successful Slovak people. Our goal is to inspire young people to go and follow their dreams. Amazing project. I am looking for a native English speaker willing to go trough my translations approximately once or twice a week and correct my mistakes. I know it's a lot to ask for, especially because I have basically nothing to offer you in return (as you can probably tell, Slovak language is not really a thing for majority of people :D).


(The comment included personal information, therefore it has been edited. Thank you for your understanding!)

September 10, 2017



The Duolingo forums aren't great for finding language exchange partners. It can be worth posting in the individual language forums, but even then, you rely on someone happening to be looking for a language exchange partner at the same time as you. Have a look at this post about how to find language exchange partners: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1444346.

There are sites dedicated to putting language learners in touch with each others. Have a look at the list of language exchange sites on the Multilingual learning resources page on the Duolingo Wiki.


I'll definitely try these out, thank you ! :)


I be happy to help. Hmmm....time to start learning Slovakian, methinks.... ;o)


Unfortunately I've already found someone :) But thank you all very much ! :)


wish I could help! I love doing that stuff ;)


Hi Hannah! If you're interested, please, send me an e-mail, or I can contact you for example on Facebook if you want. :)


Thanks, but I'm not allowed to have social media until I'm older. That's why I said "I wish I could help". I love writing and editing, but I cant help you, sorry.

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